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Get Paid: 10 Secrets to a Profitable Business


Business owners all want to grow their enterprise and make more money. But while most entrepreneurs are masters of their craft and experts in their field, they lack the business skills necessary to build and sustain a foundation for their prosperity. They know how to do what they do but do not have the business savvy to build a platform for future success.


Enter Get Paid:10 Secrets to a Profitable Business .


This extraordinary and compact book provides quick and easy-to-follow nuggets of instruction—and inspiration—to get you well on your way to growing your business and building your profits.


With chapters such as “Know Your Ideal Client,” “Donut Holes,” and “Residual Income: Set It and Forget It (Almost),” author Kimberly Walker, MS, BCC, pulls from her extensive experience as a speaker, business consultant, and life coach to provide strategies that are easy to implement and will increase your revenue exponentially.

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